I believe that it takes many hands to grow and produce great wines. My role is, and has been, to guide these hands by inspiring excellence, educating with respect and open communication and demonstrating the benefits of the teamwork and performance required to make excellent wines for many harvests. Great wines start with great grapes, and the winemaker’s role is to take these grapes and work with many people to create wines that will delight all.

To make great wines you need integrity, a strong vision and good planning. The wine business is an ongoing journey. One success is wonderful, but the  journey requires many successful vintages to ensure the long term health of the company.

I believe we are stewards of our land, our families and our co-workers. By promoting their healthy growth we can create long-term value for all.


I am passionate about wine and its benefits.  It is a sacred and unique food that has been part of great civilizations for thousands of years, and with God’s blessing it will continue to be a blessing for thousands more. I am also passionate about the people of the world that grow grapes, that make wine and working with all of them.

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